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LisyanaLisyana 22 Aug 2010 23:13
in discussion Hidden / Deleted threads » Recipes!

Braised Beef - Crockpot Style (amounts are vague)

Beef! (Any kind, cut up)
Beer! (Guiness works pretty well) (or Broth)
Spices! (I use garlic salt, salt and pepper)
Gravy mix!

Dump the chopped meat in the crockpot, and empty a bottle of beer over it (or enough broth to do the same). Spice lightly. Cook on high for most of the day. Use juice in the pot to make the gravy - spice again, this time to taste. Turn the crockpot to low, let cook for another hour or so. Can add veggies at this step if you want, or make over bread or potatoes. Enjoy!

Recipes! by LisyanaLisyana, 22 Aug 2010 23:13

I was looking at the @messages on Einarth today and was thinking that I need refreshers.

The @inprefix is the desc that we see when astride the dragon? Also, when it comes to descing straps, should we just RP them or is there like a +jewelry option that we can have them on and off whenever needed?

Are there any other special bells and whistles to know about? :)

Messages and Descs by DScribbleDScribble, 15 Jul 2010 15:42

Not sure if this is a great place, but I figure good is good enough. ;) Finally got my school schedule - good thing, too, given classes start tomorrow.

Basically, I won't be on M/W evenings 'til after 10pm CST, and T/Th until after 9pm. On the other hand, I will be on T/Th mornings from class. ;) *ahem* Anyway.. just in case folks get to wondering where I've gotten to.

Schedule change... by LisyanaLisyana, 14 Jul 2010 03:30

How about some lovely puce overalls/shortalls for your uniforms? >:)

Re: Hot New Weyrlings by TiarlaTiarla, 07 Jul 2010 16:27

That makes much more sense Q'luin! I thought of… uniforms that you need to keep clean. (That's not… likely right now.) :)

Re: Hot New Weyrlings by DScribbleDScribble, 07 Jul 2010 15:02

Know what color is worse? /Yellow/. I dunno, I didn't like the idea of the hair cutting, but I really like the idea of uniforms x3

Re: Hot New Weyrlings by KlahKloKlahKlo, 07 Jul 2010 06:08

Actually, that /is/ the point, I'es. This is why when you work on cars in a shop you wear dungarees. Uniforms are generally made out of an unattractive durable fabric which holds double the threat — easy to wash, and unsexy. Having to wash all those separates — well it pisses off the drudges. Toss a bunch of ugly uniforms in, and they get a kick out of knowing you /had/ to wear them, and they all wash together in one big load. Wheeeeee!

There seems to not only be a lack of response, but a pretty lukewarm one, so I think I'll let it lie. Too bad, cause we had a lot of fun with the uniform when I was a candidate. They said we had to wear black and white any way we wished, and an orange crossing guard vest. I dressed Q'luin up in prison stripes from chin to boot - and we glowed in the dark! No losing one another. I think last group had bright orange dungarees? I can't remember. Just somethin to RP! Good, bad, or ugly!

Re: Hot New Weyrlings by QiluinQiluin, 06 Jul 2010 23:18

Uniforms. Um. Wouldn't all the cleaning, scrubbing, oiling negate the purpose of having uniforms for now? O.o It's a cool idea but weyrling riding leathers when we get to that point? That does seem to spur all sorts of possibilities leading up to it. :D

Re: Hot New Weyrlings by DScribbleDScribble, 04 Jul 2010 15:16

…Okay. Uhm. Klohi has frizzy, curly… /nappy/ hair, right? And we keep this controlled in pigtails. …I don't even quite know that would happen if it was cut. Other than Harquith mourning. Loudly.

I'm good with whatever the majority wants. I could work with the super strict dress code, or just let things be.

I will admit, the idea of uniforms and the weyrlings having something new to gripe about does appeal to me. ;)

Re: Hot New Weyrlings by KlahKloKlahKlo, 03 Jul 2010 14:51

Hee. Of course, for at least half of the services, that particular part of the female uniform isn't allowed 'til after boot/basic. The idea being they'll be too busy/worn out to take care of it 'til afterwards…

Re: Hot New Weyrlings by LisyanaLisyana, 02 Jul 2010 23:33

Chironath would be /thrilled/ with a uniform :P OOC, I'm fine with whatever. Maybe a uniform, but as long as hair is pinned up and off the collar/not in the eyes/out of the way people don't have to cut it? Military women are allowed to have their hair braided and pinned up so long as it meets those requirements. So it seems fair enough.

Re: Hot New Weyrlings by DaycenDaycen, 02 Jul 2010 17:36

So a question to be posed. Up to you guys. Want to cut your hair and wear official uniforms? I won't be here next week, but Q'luin is free to impose these restrictions on you guys so you look like fine, upstanding weyrlings -and have something to growl and complain about or admire just how hot you look with well-trimmed hair and looking smart in a uniform. Begs the question… will Veveshoth insist Al'tair go bald?

Hot New Weyrlings by PerngamerPerngamer, 02 Jul 2010 16:09
Re: The NPCs!
QiluinQiluin 01 Jul 2010 01:24
in discussion Hidden / Deleted threads » The NPCs!

Triangle Enigma Egg cracks open from a force within, and out tumbles a flasy and agile blue. A bounce here, a tumble there, up he jumps with lightning-fast reflexes to take down the opposition, and end up standing before a dark-haired lad. "Hiiiiiiiah!" shouts K'ung. "Futh!"

Re: The NPCs! by QiluinQiluin, 01 Jul 2010 01:24

/gibbers cheerfully.

Re: Woot, first thread! by LisyanaLisyana, 01 Jul 2010 00:25
The NPCs!
SyvSyv 01 Jul 2010 00:12
in discussion Hidden / Deleted threads » The NPCs!

Okay, so I have a lot of time on my hands, and was looking over the hatching log again, and then I started plucking these guys out… *cough*

Brown Popcornth and Dr'ink (boy)
Brown Oscarth and A'cadmy (girl)
Brown Schwarzeneggerth and Arh'nold (boy)
Brown Inth and Dr'ive (boy?)
Brown Kreugerth and Fr'dy (boy)
Brown Jeremyth and Ron (girl)
Brown Bondth and J'mes (boy)
Blue Voldemorth and H'ary (boy)
Blue Filmth and Indie (girl)
Blue Sparkleth and B'lla (girl)
Blue Sinkth and T'itanic (boy)
Blue Pixarth and Disni (girl)
Green Popularth and Or'iginal (boy)
Green Twoth and Se'quel (boy)
Green Flickith and Ch'ick (boy)
Green Hollywooth and Star (girl)
Green Bollywooth and Hindi (girl)
Green Eyecandyth and F'x (girl)
Green Fionath and Sh'rek (boy)

Not sure if they're all correct, so feel free to post corrections!

Also, I'm missing one! >.> 30 eggs right? 29 hatched, including the 10 PCs. So far the count is:
1 gold, 4 bronzes, 9 browns, 7 blues, 8 greens

I couldn't find Triangle Enigma Egg on the log, though.

The NPCs! by SyvSyv, 01 Jul 2010 00:12

I can already tell there are plenty of good times and lots of laughs ahead. ;) Can't wait!

Re: Woot, first thread! by SyvSyv, 01 Jul 2010 00:08

I too, am totally stoked about this weyrling class. Lots of fun!

Re: Woot, first thread! by DaycenDaycen, 30 Jun 2010 23:29

I just wanted to get the chance to post the first thread of our class on here. I'm really looking forward to weyrlinghood with you all. Let's rock this place! Or..whatever the slang is these youngsters use now days.


Woot, first thread! by BaidenBaiden, 30 Jun 2010 22:52

You could say, if you want, that M'ro went immediately to Watchrider duty at Ista Hold if you want. Or at any of the other minor holds on the island.

Really sorry you had to miss it! We'll find some good times for you when you get back. In the mean while, have a good one! Stay sane!

Re: Prolonged Absence by QiluinQiluin, 04 Sep 2009 04:06

So I'm stealing crappy internet from next door at this point. I intended to be connected a lot earlier than the internet company seems to think I should be hooked up by sooooo I won't be available for it looks like another week or two. I will see you guys on the moo when I get back. In the mean time, we can just say that M'ro is here and there, probably down at the hold or something. I'll figure out a good excuse when I get my internet back.

Sorry about missing the graduation! I really wanted to be there but it just wasn't possible.


Prolonged Absence by mycroft_dfmycroft_df, 03 Sep 2009 02:20
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