Week 9

Nine months into weyrlinghood, you are in the home stretch now.

Now the weyrlings will be engaging in drills, aloft. You will be putting into practice all of those wing formations in the skies, learning how to exchange positions safely and quickly, how to maneuver within your wing, making sure your own airspace is clear, and knowing exactly where everyone within your wing is at all times.

For all of these months, you've had memory 'games' added to your drills, and at this point you'll start to learn how to envision things with great detail. This is an extremely important part to the learning process, and something that allows no chance for failure.

Your ferrying duties will now include the whole of Ista isle, helping to carry people and things distances that don't require betweening. Sure, you're just some young taxi driver, but we all had to do it, and it is a necessary evil.

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