The first Week/Month

New Weyrlings may choose to attend the celebration feast after the Hatching and meet with their friends and family there. ICly your characters have just had the most incredible/scary/life-changing experience of their lives and thinking straight may be difficult! After the Hatching most just manage to get their lifemates fed and sent to sleep. It is up to you to decide if you want to brave the after-party, or stay in the barracks.

Visitors: None in the barracks, ever. That is personal space for Weyrlings that can only have "officials" of the Weyr visiting. Not a problem though, cause you can go outside to visit all you want. Take visitors to the lake for a bath, or just hang out in the weyrling area.

Boundaries: You need to be within the same distance of your dragon as you would have been to the hatching ground in the last days before the hatching - within a short running distance. Again, IC restrictions. At first, stay close, cause when they wake up, they'll want you around, or need you around. As time passes (and it does SO quickly), your boundaries can widen. While they are unable to fly at all, stay within the perimeter of the main beach/pier, but again, this is only IC and OOCly you can do as you please. We're not an institution here, just setting IC guidelines.

Restrictions: No alcohol, no sex, no violence. Period. Once you become Sr Weyrlings, we will lighten the restrictions. It's not rules written because we like to write rules, cause we really don't. Or I don't. It's written because ICly it'd be cruel to your dragons. They're babies. So think in IC terms. These are not OOC restrictions. There's no such thing as OOC restrictions.

In short:
The first two IC weeks (First 3 RL days after you impress): You stay within the bowl area (LC, Infirmary, etc). Hatchlings will make it no further than the weyrling area. (Lake is included).

Second two IC weeks (Four RL days after impression): They can start moving beyond into the bowl proper.

This is the time when weyrlings will need to learn to adjust to a bombardment of someone else's thoughts and emotions. Impression is often an overwhelming experience and it will take a good deal of time to become fully adjusted to a joined life. Be prepared for mood swings, heightened reactions to you and your dragon's feelings, and so forth. Enjoy the RP!

Dragonets have very sensitive and dry skin due to speedy growth. And they ITCH!! All that itching makes you itch!! They need to be oiled constantly so as not to crack the skin as they grow and later so that they will not crack their skin when flying *between*. The oil is located in the vats in the weyrling barracks. Have fun!

Dragonets are always hungry! They need constant feedings to keep up with their speedy growth and they need you to fetch those hunks of raw meat for them. Hmmm, suddenly raw, bloody meat is becoming your preference as well. Yum!

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