Week 10

Ten months in and we get to BETWEEN!

Welcome to betweening! All of those months and months of memory practice and the last month working upon envisioning and that rapport with your lifemate will actually be put to the test. And this is a very, very dangerous test. Quite often, weyrling fatalities will happen while betweening, due to panicking or distracted riders.

Initially, you will be betweening to a point within line-of-sight. Once that is accomplished, you'll be betweening to a point that you cannot see, more than likely Ista Hold, and then back to the Weyr. As your proficiency increase, you will be given a point you have never seen in your entire life, and asked to between there. With that accomplished, you are officially able to between!

Once you have been given the go-ahead, you will gain quite a bit of freedom. With betweening comes a lifting of some of the rules governing where you are permitted to travel. On your off time, you can now travel to anywhere on the planet, but ONLY if you have a buddy with you (be it NPC or PC).

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