Week 13


Welcome to graduation. You are finally done. Done. Done. Done. Now this is your chance to find yourself added to your official wing.

There are multiple wings at Ista Weyr, but there are four main PC wings. There is the goldrider's wing, the weyrling's wing, the Weyrleader's wing (Windjammer), and then (Baysweeper). If you are a goldrider, you will be a part of that wing, . Otherwise, you will be added to either Windjammer or Baysweeper. This is usually divided up by the area staff, to keep numbers even, and keep colors averaged out as well. But if you have a wing that you would really, really, really, really, really like to join, that is considered as well.

With graduation comes all the lifting of all weyrling rules. Yup, you all can drink and screw and travel about the planet as you will -that is until your Weyrleadership or Wingleader finds it is detrimental to your duties and you end up grounded for eternity.

Dependent upon the maturity of the dragon, the males might start becoming interested in participating in flights. Green dragons generally don't mature until about a turn and a half in age, and gold dragons often don't have their first flight until two turns in age. This is up to you to determine.

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