Week 2

Your dragons will well past their first month in age now.

You'll probably want to stay close to the barracks and LC - however, please feel free to take your dragonet to the lake to RP bathing, oiling, and various water shenanigans. Also, your dragonets are growing rapidly and are noticeably bigger in size. As they get larger and stronger, they may venture out as far as the beaches and the far ends of the bowl. However the forest terrain around the other side of Ista may be hazardous and too difficult to navigate.

At this time the Weyrlingmaster and assistants will be teaching various ground exercises to improve your physique as well as the dragon's. There are very few fat weyrlings! With all of these exercises and all of the growing the dragons will be doing, they'll be eating even more.

You'll be spending a lot of time chopping meat. The first few meals are provided for you as you are learning, but after that you'll be the one preparing the food for your dragon until it is old enough to hunt for itself. This may last for several months depending on how quickly the dragon grows.

Weyrlings will be assisting in the sorting and bagging of firestone. Sack tossing exercises will also be implemented to improve arm strength and accuracy. These may be combined as well with ground drills as a start to learning formations.

The first riding strap lessons on construction and maintenance! These will be ICly very important. See the tab above on straps for more details.

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