Week 4

Over 3 months old now, and boy are those dragons growing!

By now, all of the dragons should be able to support their riders upon their backs. You'll be moving about the weyr, getting used to your lifemate's movements and communicating your instructions to them.

Mounted drills will now start in earnest. You'll begin to learn all of the formations that the fighting dragons take upon the ground now. Pay attention to distances, where you are supposed to be in the midst of a wing, and who you are in close proximity to. Building up their strength and endurance is extremely important.

All weyrlings will also be schooled in dragon anatomy, and know when to spot strains in their dragons. These will be all of the simple things from how to deal with cracked skin to other slight bumps and bruises, and basic ailments that a dragonhealer isn't immediately necessary for.

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