Week 5

Four months old and now able to glide!

It is at this point where you start to allow your lifemate to begin to actually glide. This is where the dragons test their initial skills when off the ground, using their wings and angling their body to find that happy medium while sailing through the air.

No riders though! These first attempts are purely for the dragon only, without you upon their back. Some gliding lessons might be from the leaders' ledge, while others might simply be from a sound gallop and a pounce into the air from time to time.

With the dragons now able to glide some, they are given the chance to try their talon at hunting for themselves. They are more mobile now, agile, and large enough to start taking down their own meals. Granted, their success might be rather ifsy, but as they go through the trial and error of figuring out what works best for them, their chances will improve.

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