Week 7

About seven months have passed now, and finally… FINALLY, you get to ride your dragon while in flight! About time, right?

This will be the time of your first mounted flights. You had better have had your riding leathers made up a few months ago, because by now your thighs and butt might really start to chafe! With that said, you now get the chance to fly with your dragon.

You'll still be requested to stay within the area of the Weyr. You may be allowed to venture out a little further, but if you are making to the Hold, you've gone too far -and expect a grounding! Maybe by this point you might be interested in hunting outside of the pens, and you are allowed to do so, as long as you have a buddy.

With flight comes mobility, and now the chance to find yourself your own weyr. While any golds are required to have a ground weyr upon the leaders' ledge, the fighting dragons are given a chance to find a home among any of the vacant ledges inside the Weyr, or in the forest-facing weyrs.

It is also at this point where you will be choosing your weyrling Wingleader and Wingseconds. These will be the weyrlings set to help in keeping the weyrlings organized and leading them through drills and events when the weyrlingmasters aren't present.

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