Week 8

So close to being done! And yet so far away. -Eight months into weyrlinghood

I bet you were wondering when you'd finally get a chance to play with fire.

Well, here it is. FLAMING. This is the time where you introduce your dragons to the taste and wonder that is firestone… and then the fun that is flaming targets! These will initially be stationary targets upon the ground. Sure, they aren't that mobile, but now you'll get a chance to gauge your dragon's ability to create flame, and what s/he can do with it.

You are also granted a great bit more freedom. You are now allowed to roam over the entirety of Ista Island. Sure, it isn't that big of an island, but it is some sort of freedom that gives a weyrling a chance to get away.

Alas, you'll also have to make yourselves available to the residents of the weyr as the newest members of the elevator service. You'll be helping people without dragons (or with dragons otherwise indisposed) travel up to the ledges, or help in carrying some of the lighter goods loads as well.

This is also the point in time where you'll be getting the dreaded 'wherries and the vtols' discussion. Oh yes, dragon sex ed. Now is the time you learn about flights, what happens during flights, along with how to control and guide your dragon.

Of course, you'll also be working on getting your own weyr looking much better than just some hole in the wall.

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