Months 10~12

At this point the dragons are nearing maturity, some faster than others. They're beginning to settle into their adult conformations and the weyrlings can get a feel for their dragons strengths and weaknesses.

The Weyrlingmaster will explain the fundamentals of mating flights and their affects in more detail. Nearing the end of their first turn, the males may begin to show interest in chasing and some of the greens may rise, though typically their first proddy cycle is closer to a turn and a half, a queen closer to two turns or longer.

After these lessons, the restrictions against sexual activities are usually lifted.

Weyrlings may now between unsupervised, though extended visits away from the Weyr are discouraged as this is a Pass and riders are expected to be on duty.

As graduation approaches, the weyrling wings may be invited to participate in actual Falls, particularly as relief groups towards the end when Thread is not falling as heavily.

Graduation! New riders will be tapped by the various Wingleaders to be assigned to new wings!

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