Months 4~5

At this stage, the dragons should be able to start catching their own food, with varying success. After the first flight/gliding lessons, this should improve the dragon's chances as well.

More ground drills! Building up strength and endurance is a key factor during these months as the first flying lessons will begin as soon as the Weyrlingmaster judges that they've reached the proper growth.

Weyrlings should be getting their first sets of leathers if they don't have any yet. Flying is cold, even in Ista's heat. Plus it saves the buttocks from being chaffed as well as the dragon's neck/shoulders.

The basics of dragon anatomy will also be added to the lessons. At this point, some weyrlings may choose to specialize as dragonhealers which will involve even more classes. All weyrlings would be taught how to spot problems such as wing strain, simple ailments and their treatments.

First flights! Unmounted of course. Dragons will take their first glides under the Weyrlingmaster's supervision. There may be a few injuries occurring at this point, which may slow a weyrling pair's advancement, so caution is necessary!

After clearance is given, the dragons will be encouraged to fly about the bowl to build up strength. It is not advisable for them to leave the Weyr yet at this time in case of straining injuries which would make returning long distances very difficult.

New riding straps will be required at this point as mounted flights will be next, not to mention the dragon's growth increases exponentially.

Weyrlings will also be learning more complex ground drills, some while mounted to get the dragons used to the distances required in formation, etc. Use of hand signals and practices in dragon communications will also be added to the daily lessons. Weyrlings will also be taught how to read Fall charts and weather patterns.

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