Months 6~7

By this time ICly, you would have learned terrain recognition and star charts for flying in drills and sweeps. Also, if your character is deficient in such things as swimming or reading or sewing, it is a safe bet that ICly you'd be picking those things up (with varying degrees of success). Jumping exercises for the dragons will help to strengthen the legs for take off.

Mounted flights! This is usually a favorite lesson as weyrling and dragon finally learn to fly together! The less favorite part is landing together, this is usually less successful. The first month, most flights will be monitored, but by the 7th month the weyrlings should be flying about on their own.

Weyrlings should begin hunting out empty weyrs to claim for later. Flights outside of the Weyr would be given by the end of this period, with longer and longer distances capable. Leaving Ista Island would still be too great a distance to the main continent.

Lessons in pattern and landmark recognition will be crucial now as between training will be next. More formation drills (this time while in the air!) and airborne sack tossing practice will be a daily routine.

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