When the Weyrlingmaster (or assistants) bring you to the barracks, they will have the builder create your couch and exits. They'll let you know what to @chown at that point.

Don't forget to @sethome while standing in your new couch, otherwise you'll 'home' to the candidate barracks still. Also @set #ofyourdragon.home=#ofyourcouch

It's up to you to describe your couch and set your exit messages. Please keep in mind that the couches are generally open platforms for your dragons, a cot next to it for you, and storage chests for your equipment and belongings. They're not very private not terribly elaborate as the dragon will outgrow it within the first 6-7 months.

Please see 'help DTL' in the game for explanations on the various dragon channels and controls.
Please note that when using dragonspeak, make sure there are spaces between the '« and »' marks so that when you or a logger are posting to LiveJournal or other blogs that they won't overwrite the normal HTML tags.

There is no official weyrling uniform at this time, however the messy nature of the first few months suggests that more comfortable and less expensive clothing is advisable.

Don't forget to change the white out of your knot in exchange for a strand of your dragon's color. An Istan Weyrling knot is a double cord of black and orange tied in a single loop.
@jewelry me is "knot message"

You should be able to add the weyrling channel:
addcom (alias)=IstanWeyrlings

Also @subscribe *istaweyrlings

If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you are also free to address the messages of your dragon: @mess (dragon#)

You will get a long list of messages that you can alter, everything from mounting, to what one sees on the dragon, to motile messages. It is your choice if you wish to alter any of these.

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