Wing Types

The purpose of the wings depends upon which type of wing it is. There are three types of wings: Weyrling, Fighting, and Queen.

Weyrling Wings: This can be broken up into two separate wings: the junior weyrling and senior weyrling wings. The junior weyrling wing is basically for practice. Made of a trio of weyrlings, this wing will practice on the ground every formation that is used, before taking these formations to the air. In Threadfall, this wing is used to fill firestone bags to be ready to be taken to the fight itself (Sometimes this chore is shared with the Candidates if Search is in progress).
The senior weyrling wing is made up of weyrlings that are close to graduating, as well as the Weyrlingmaster and his assistants. This wing is used for learning between points, performing 'elevator' duty (where they pick up ranking Holders and Crafters for Hatchings, meetings, etc.), and flying the formations they learned into between. During times of Thread, they are the ones that deliver the bags of firestone to the fighting wings, picking up the empty bags, and taking them back to the junior wings. Unlike the fighting wings, when in Threadfall, they do not always flame.

Fighting Wings: These comprise of three general divisions - Forward, Right, and Left Wings.
The Forward Wing flies point, often lead by the Weyrleader. They are normally settled in the center of the other wings, and take the brunt of Threadfall. The Right and Left Wings' primary purposes taking on the edges of Threadfall zones, waiting from the orders from the Forward Wing for formation changes, and rotation changes. The Weyrleader and Wingleaders often discuss which formations they might use depending on air and weather conditions. Sometimes the wings are further broken down by dragon size and rotated in and out depending on the length of the Fall in order to conserve energy and maximize each dragon colors' strengths and abilities.

The Queen Wing: This wing is made up of all the Queenriders, pregnant female riders, and sometimes injured riders not cleared for betweening. Flying below the fighting wings, they mop up any Thread that is missed by the fighting wings. Invaluable due to the gold's endurance, they are priceless toward the end of a fall, where many of the fighting wings are close to being out of flame and tired. The adjustable dispersion radius of the flamethrowers are also particularly good for catching odd clumps and missed strands.

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